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Since 1967, the Workshops Foundation has been creating unique experience-based seminars and study tours for students from across the United States and the international community that inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. 

Throughout our history we have enjoyed offering programs focusing on a variety of topics relating to: US History, Government, Civics, Debate, International Relations, Diplomacy, The US Presidency, Politics, Leadership, Environmental Policy, Business, Art, Culture and more. The DNA of our foundation contains a passion for fostering a greater understanding of the world at large through hands-on experience, unique access, people to people exchange and high-quality programming. We also believe an investment in our programs promote critical thinking, engaged and better informed citizens, personal growth, greater independence and empowered future leaders interested in making a positive impact in their community. 

Our programs are available for both students and faculty at the Elementary, Middle, High School, and University Level. We also offer family, adult and professional programs. 

Private, nonprofit and nonpartisan in nature, the Workshop Foundation is headquartered in Washington, DC. Our home base allows for close connections with the officials, organizations and networks capable of making each program unique and more than just a tour. 

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